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DevOps is the key to unlock the agility of the cloud. Discover nearly instant results with our expertise in the full software and data lifecycle.

High Performance

Teams that embrace a DevOps culture are higher performing, release faster, and to higher user satisfaction.

Faster Cycle Times

Automation produces shorter release cycles by eliminating manual, error prone processes. This ensures faster time to market and accelerated innovation.

Stable & Reliable

Automation reduces risk by ensuring consistent and repeatable processes and environments.

Secure from the start

Using SecDevOps best practices, and tools such as the Secure DevOps Kit for Azure, we can help you bake security into your development and deployment processes from the very beginning.


DevOps Culture

The ultimate goal is creating a DevOps culture and a growth mindset within your organisation. The DevOps culture is about sharing responsibility and increasing collaboration across and within business and technology teams.

Infrastructure as Code

Cloud resources can be defined and managed in much the same way as code. This enables version control of system resources and results in consistent and repeatable environments across development, testing, and production.

Security & Continuous Monitoring

Security and monitoring should be baked into all environments from the start, allowing teams to create actionable alerts to identify and resolve issues in real time.

Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)

CI/CD is the practice of frequently building and deploying code by automating many stages of the software lifecycle, including development, testing, and deployment. Frequent, smaller deployments are less risky and enables true agility.

Configuration Management

Configuration management is used in conjunction with infrastructure as code to specify and track state and configuration between environments.

Version Control

Managing code and infrastructure in versions is essential to the DevOps process. Tools such as Git allow teams to collaborate and easily merge and rollback changes as necessary.

Case Studies

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