Data & Analytics

Better Data, Better Decisions

Discover the true value of data with new insights and improved decision-making to take your business to the next level.

Modern Data Platform & Pipelines

Ingest, consolidate, secure, and serve your data with a right-sized data platform that can easily scale with your business.

Proven Architectures

Microsoft Azure offers an extensive set of services to meet your data requirements. Choices range from Azure Data Factory, Data Lake (Gen2), Synapse Analytics, Databricks to many more. We help you navigate the wide range options and choose the rights tools (for the right price!) for the job.

DataOps & DevOps

Improve the quality and cycle time of your data by leveraging the abilities of the cloud with automated processes, monitoring, and infrastructure.

Leadership & Expertise

vNEXT has industry leading consultants to partner with you on the journey. We have (literally) helped write the book on Cloud Analytics with Microsoft Azure .

Case Studies

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