Applications & Integration

Limitless Innovation

Public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure offer unlimited potential for innovation. Create and combine a variety of offerings for applications, devices, chatbots, AI and cognitive services, microservices, and more.

Cloud Native

Create applications that are optimised for cloud scale and performance. We can help you navigate options from serverless, containers, and traditional PaaS, to design and build applications using the right tools for the job.

Intelligent Apps

Add intelligence to your applications, chatbots, and APIs using predefined cognitive services or our custom machine learning capabilities.


Make the most of your data and applications by combining them with cloud-based integration. From simple APIs and microservices to complex API management platforms or messaging systems, vNEXT is here to help.

App Modernisation

Move (or improve) your application to Azure and keep pace with the scale and agility of today's modern applications.

Case Studies

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